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Who We Are

Our Mission

Integrated Concepts for Families, Inc. is a parent directed and family driven organization. Our mission is to improve the well-being of children and families by supporting, empowering, and enhancing their lives in providing the highest level of quality services using a nurturing approach in service provision to include: counseling and therapy, parenting, parent support, anger management, teen parenting, mentoring, life skills, substance/ alcohol abuse treatment, peer to peer, intensive trauma therapy, and LGBT support.  

We Help You Overcome

Counseling needs are often related. Whether you are battling depression, anxiety, or anger management- our counselors will help you overcome these to take back control of your life. An addict is often using drugs or alcohol to cover a lifetime trauma while frustrated couples may be letting their inner emotional turmoil affect their relationship or have children with anger management challenges. As a full-service counseling center, Integrated Concepts for Families, Inc. focuses on providing a range of tools to help people, whether it's one specific issue or a chain of events that holds them back. 

Our Patient Privacy Promise

At Integrated Concepts for Families, Inc., we guarantee absolute discretion. We have full and total respect for your privacy and for the trust you place in us when you share information. Your business is your own, and it is our business to keep it that way. We adhere to our own strict code of professional ethics which forbids misuse of your private information or sharing with any third parties, and you can rest assured that whatever you bring to us in confidence stays that way. Your trust is well placed in Integrated Concepts for Families, Inc. 

Our Founder's

Tara Miller, Ph.D., LPC

Kisha Whitfield, Ph.D.


Dr. Benjamin Herrera, MD, Psychiatrist

Kellea Paloade, RN

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